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before-cabinet-refacing-to-solid-blue-colorafter cabinet refacing

Move the arrows to see before and after projects

Beforeafter refacing kitchen cabinet

Move the arrows to see before and after projects

before refacing cabinetBefore
before refacing cabinetafter refacing
before cabinet refacing san diegoafter cabinet refacing san diego
before cabinet refacingafter refacing cabinet
before-cabinet-refacing-to-solid-blue-colorafter cabinet refacing
Beforeafter refacing kitchen cabinet
before refacing cabinetBefore
before kitchen cabinet refacing to slab door stylekitchen cabinet solid white refacing
before cabinet refacing san diegoafter cabinet refacing san diego
before cabinet refacingafter refacing cabinet

Expert in Cabinet Refacing & Custom Cabinet.

Our Services: Custom Cabinet, Refacing Cabinet, Refinishing Cabinet, Painting Cabinet, Cabinet Installation, Closet Design, Custom Bathroom Vanities, Custom Bookcases, Custom Built-ins, All Type of Cabinet Doors, Entertainment Center, Special Custom Home Bars, Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Pantries, Custom Walk-in Closets, Wall paneling and All Custom Millwork.

You can count on our Kitchen Cabinet experts when you are on the lookout for a fantastic team of
professionals prepared to help you improve your kitchen furniture or just give it that refreshed look. We
are here to ensure that only the best materials are used for all of our personalized projects, and also to
offer complete satisfaction to each of our clients. There are countless situations in which you can count on
our skills and experience, one of them being when you are thinking about reviving your entire cooking

Does your kitchen have old furniture and you want to change it? Or, maybe, are you simply tired of its look and want a stylish one? Then, you generally have 2 alternatives, replace or reface it. You can replace every piece with a custom kitchen cabinet, but be ready for a long project, a messy room, and a big investment. Or, you can choose the alternative, kitchen cabinet refacing. It’s much faster, it doesn’t cause a mess and it’s much cheaper than its counterpart.

It’s the process of changing the look of old furniture, making it look like new one. A
correctly refaced one will get confounded with a custom cabinet. Our furniture company
handles a refacing process by changing all the exterior elements with stylish materials. We
may need to change the doors and drawer fronts with new ones.
All new doors come with soft-close hinges. The doors won’t have those tasteless outside
hinges that destroy their neat aspect anymore. For drawers, we’ll incorporate sliding rails.
You’ll be able to open them so much easier, and they will also have the elegance of a modern
one. We will cover the rest with a layer of veneer or wood. We will choose the style together
with you and if you don’t have any preference, we’ll recommend a style that corresponds
with the rest of your house and he same applies to the color.
Because of the simplicity of the process, we can break it down in 3 steps:
– The detachment of the doors and drawers. In the first step, we remove all of these
from the furniture that needs to be refaced. Most of the time the doors are changed
completely, but in some rare cases, they can be kept and covered with veneer, the
same as the rest of it. If they need to be changed, then we will help you choose new
ones. There are many models you can choose from, but if you can’t decide we could
recommend the ones that harmonize the best with your house. The procedure repeats
itself for the drawers, but we rarely suggest keeping the fronts. In the majority of our
projects, they are too damaged and it becomes impossible to hide everything with a
layer of veneer or wood.
– Cover the cabinet with veneer. We’ll cover the exterior with veneer. Usually, we
recommend the shaker style with the color being white cloud, because it looks good in
almost every house. But your opinion matters the most, if you want a certain style or a
certain color, there’s no problem, we’ll listen to you and reface everything however
you want.
– Prepare and assemble the doors and drawers. After covering the body we’ll start
covering the doors and fronts if needed, or start working with the new ones. They will
certainly have the same style as the veneer or the wood with which we covered the
rest of the furniture. You can choose the new handles, and don’t worry if you can’t
decide, we’ll help you select the ones that harmonize with the style of the room. For
the soft close hinges, it doesn’t matter how these look, because they won’t be seen

from outside. After we finish with the doors, we’ll repeat the process for the drawer
fronts and install the sliding rails. After that, we assemble everything and it’s done.

The deciding reason we heard the most it’s the cost, and indeed the price is more reasonable
for refacing than an inflated one for the ready-made furniture on the market. Generally,
kitchen cabinet refacing would cost you only half the price of replacing them. For example,
if it costs you 20.000$ to replace every one of them, then cabinet refacing with materials of
similar quality, or even a bit better will cost you around 9-10.000$.
Another important reason it’s the time it takes. Do you want to have the house in renovation
for weeks? No? Good, because it generally takes three to ten times less to reface your
cabinets than to replace them with new ones. Although it depends on the size of your kitchen,
generally, it takes three times less for already made ones and up to ten times for custom ones.
And, refacing it’s not messy, I don’t think you want to deal with weeks filled with the mess
left in the room by the constant replacement of your cabinets. Refacing it’s a much cleaner
process because it doesn’t require new holes in walls and other processes that would make
your house messy. Although it has many advantages, refacing it’s not always the best
solution for your furniture.

Reface it’s not a universal solution, although it’s perfect for changing the aspect of your
kitchen, there are many situations where you should replace your furniture.
The most evident one being the state of your current furniture. When you open a drawer, are
you afraid it will disassemble itself? Or it is just a little wobbly? If your furniture is shabby
and it doesn’t have the same sturdiness as in the past, then refacing is not going to help them.
It’s better to buy a custom cabinet.
You should replace them when you have too little counter space. Do you always hit
something when you walk around in the kitchen? Or you don’t have enough space when you
try to cook? Or maybe you simply feel constrained in there? A kitchen with little counter
space can become a frustrating problem, sometimes it can be even more frustrating than a
faded one, and when both of them combine, the result can provoke headaches. If you decided
to resolve one of them, then it’s best to remodel and replace everything to get rid of both
You can also combine both methods. For example, we can reface all your furniture and if
some of them need to be replaced, we can make you a custom kitchen cabinet. This way
you can be assured that all of it will have the same style.
Regardless of which method you pick, it will definitely be a boost for your furniture. There
are plenty of options to choose from, what is important is that you find one in line with all
your needs. Set your objectives, decide on your budget and start the search!

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There are a few interesting and useful services that you can opt for when you rely on our team, here in San Diego. If you need a Kitchen Cabinet, you can bet that we will deliver the most gorgeous custom cabinet for your space. We are more than prepared to adjust our services in a way that will allow us to always meet your needs. Another service you can count on is regarding Kitchen Cabinet Refacing. As you already know, as time passes by and doors are open and closed numerous times, they tend to fade and become more or less damaged.

After we are done designing, creating and installing your cabinets, you would not believe that they have not been there all the time. There will be so much space available that reaching out to any sort of ingredient or tool is going to be a matter of opening a beautiful door or drawer. You are involved in the whole process and all of your requirements are taken into consideration from the first conversation we have regarding your expectations.

As you already know, cabinets are an essential part of each kitchen. Without them, storage space would be more than limited and you would not have access to all the items you find necessary when preparing a meal. It is so much easier to have a Custom Cabinet built for every single one of your needs as our team of professionals can make the most out of the available space.


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Our Customers Say

“As part of our home renovation, we hired this contractor Stylish Cabinet to refinish all our existing cabinets throughout our home, also add top wall glass cabinets with custom crown molding in the kitchen. they refinished all of the existing cabinets, they look great. We love how they turned out! such a great job! The new glass wall cabinets they added look stunning as well.

Melisa Neek -Home Owner

“Amazing people who are committed to making you remodel a good experience. They went above and beyond for us over and over. I also can compare the value with other big box stores that seem to have comparable quality for less – they don’t. Stay with them. You will not be disappointed!”

Matt - Home Owner

“Cabinet refacing is a stressful decision because you don’t know how it’s gonna look like, these guys are awesome they showed us all the detail before starts and they made us very Happy. I highly recommend them. They are professional and skillful workers.”

Mario Bic - Home Owner

We Make High End Custom Cabinet

High-quality services for amazing clients. There are a few interesting and useful services that you can opt for when you rely on our team, here in San Diego. If you don’t have at least one Kitchen Cabinet, you can bet that we will deliver the most gorgeous furniture item for your space. We are more than prepared to adjust our services in a way that will allow us to always meet your needs. Another service you can count on is regarding Kitchen Cabinet Refacing. As you already know, as time passes by and doors are open and closed numerous times, they tend to fade and become more or less damaged..


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Furniture Projects We Will Work on

We specialize in woodwork and focus on the furniture items that add value to your life and make daily


activities more pleasant. There is no need to spend more on new furniture if the structure of the one you
currently have installed is still great. We will take on the project and offer you a Cabinet Refacing service
meant to make everything look as good as new. The best part is that the final price does not even compare
to what you would normally have to spend on a completely new set of furniture for your kitchen space.
Do you have limited space available or a simple nook where you can’t place any standard cabinets? We
can help you in this case as well by providing you the option of investing in a Custom Cabinet. The
product delivered and installed will fit perfectly and will offer you that bit of additional functionality you
were looking for in such an item. We are passionate about custom projects that will improve the quality of
your life. It does not matter if we are talking about a new set of furniture, a simple cabinet or even
replacing the doors, hinges and so on of your current furniture. Count on us for a new entertainment
center or a pantry that will expand your storage space. If you have something special in mind, don’t
hesitate to give us a call or leave us a message!


Why Choose Our Team

Among the advantages that you will experience when you contact us for a custom project, we would like
to begin with the amazing level of workmanship associated with our team. You will see for yourself if
you take a closer look at some of the projects that we have worked on in the past, that we pay attention to
every detail and do everything in our power to ensure our furniture will turn out exactly as expected – just

like the cabinets you see in magazines, but with the important mention that they are yours to use as they
will be installed into your kitchen.
We do the same when you opt solely for our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing service. The kitchen is the room
where you share the most heartfelt moments with your family, where you start your day with a hot cup of
coffee and a delicious breakfast, where you cook your meals and keep your snacks. It deserves to be a
welcoming space that offers you the feeling that you are home. Our team can make that happen and much
more. As soon as we learn all about your plans for this room, we will be happy to design the most
gorgeous doors or cabinets.
Another interesting advantage we can offer is regarding the variety of furniture items we can create. We
take on projects that begin with a simple idea and consider them completed when you are satisfied with
how everything turned out. This is when you are already in a position to actually use the additional
storage space we have provided with the products we built and installed into your home. Do not hesitate
to contact us with any additional questions you may have!