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Do you need to renovate your kitchen cabinet?

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We reface your cabinet instead of replacing it!

Cabinet Refacing is updating the kitchen appearance without replacing the whole cabinets plus lower cost than full remodeling. includes replacing new doors, drawers faces, drawers boxes, soft-close hinges for cabinet doors, soft-close sliders for drawers, new crown molding, new scribe molding and adding a new veneer on the body.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

The process of cabinet refacing involves replacing the doors and drawers’ fonts. Steps of this
process involve applying new veneer over the existing surface and changing the hardware.
You can change the look of your kitchen cabinets at an affordable cost and the good news is
that this process can be completed by our specialists within a matter of days.
What is Cabinet Refinishing?
You can also transform your kitchen, without buying new furniture, if you choose cabinet
refinishing. This is a budget-friendly option that can be done successfully by our specialists.
Refinishing a kitchen is much more complicated than it sounds and it involves the preparation
of the cabinets that need to be refinished; all the doors have to be removed, the surfaces must
be degreased, sanded and primed and only afterwards they can be painted. This process
requires professional skills and patience and it is a challenge that our company can
successfully complete.
Although refinishing is an option, refacing delivers better results and it is a more suitable
option for people in San Diego. At Stylish Cabinet we specialize in providing professional
and affordable refacing services. Our skilled professionals use high quality materials and they
will top your expectations.

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We reface your cabinet instead of replacing it!

Why Should You Choose Professional Cabinet Refacing Services?

We understand how difficult it is to maintain kitchen furniture in an impeccable condition
over the years, especially when you cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you are no
longer pleased with your kitchen furniture and cannot afford to buy new furniture, you will be
pleased to learn that you can opt for affordable Cabinet refacing. Our specialized services
make possible to change the look of your kitchen cabinets with the help of kitchen cabinet

Here Are Some of the Advantages You Will Enjoy When Opting for
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services:
 You can keep the existing kitchen layout
 You can select from a variety of styles
 You save money
 You can choose the hardware and accessories you want for the cabinets’ doors

 Your kitchen benefits from a stylish transformation

There is no point in spending a significant amount of money on a new kitchen when you can
change its aesthetics with the help of beautiful, durable cabinet doors.

The Steps Involved in the Refacing Process.
First of all, the cabinet doors, drawers, fronts and hinges are removed. Afterwards, the fronts
of the cabinets are covered and the cabinets sides are skinned with veneer or laminate,
according to your requirements. If the new hinges can be reused and you want to keep them,
you can. If not, new hinges will be added, new doors and drawers’ fonts will be installed and
you will be able to select the handles you please, drawer pulls and optional accessories such
as glass panels, lighting or storage accessories. Once this process is complete you will have a
kitchen that you can be proud of and you will use it for many years to come.

Why Should You Choose Stylish Cabinet?
– We are a cabinet refacing services provider that you can rely on.
– We deliver great workmanship.
– We are a professional team whose services meet the highest standards.
– We can put at your disposal creative plans for your kitchen that will help you
transform it into an attractive, functional space
– We offer quality services at an affordable cost.