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Custom Cabinet & Refacing

We can update your kitchen by adding a custom cabinet and refacing the rest. We add a custom cabinet for the trash can and replacing all the doors, drawers and drawer boxes, all drawers and doors come with soft-close hinges and sliding rails.

Custom Cabinet & Refacing


Shaker Style


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Stylish Cabinet

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Shaker Door Custom Cabinet
White color Custom Cabinet & Refacing
White color Custom Cabinet & Refacing

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Shaker Door Custom Cabinet
White color Custom Cabinet & Refacing
White color Custom Cabinet & Refacing
White color Custom Cabinet & Refacing

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What Are the Advantages of Custom Cabinet Services?

Are your kitchen cabinets outdated, worn and faded? Do you feel depressed every time you have
to cook because you do not enjoy spending time in your kitchen? If you cannot afford to buy a
new kitchen you do not have to worry because you can always choose professional kitchen
cabinet refacing services. These offer you the best value for your money. Thanks to custom
cabinets, your kitchen will look brand new and you will avoid the hassle and the significant
financial investment that are necessary for a full kitchen remodel.

What is Custom Cabinet?
We should start by saying that custom cabinets are created to meet your specific requirements. A
custom cabinet will match the layout and measurements of your kitchen and it can be made
exactly how you want it to be, just as the name suggests.

Stylish Cabinet – The Best Team Custom Cabinet Services in San Diego
At Stylish Cabinet we provide specialized furniture refacing materials and we have a team of
experienced professionals that use only high-quality materials. When it comes to kitchen cabinet
refacing in San Diego, we should be your first option for we have the skills, materials and
creativity necessary to transform your existing cabinetry, to update its doors and finish color and
to incorporate innovative accessories that will make a difference.
If you still have second thoughts as to whether or not you should choose custom cabinet services
you should become familiar with the advantages they bring:
 They enable you to update the look of your kitchen, being perfect for those who want to
avoid the hassle of purchasing a new kitchen
 You choose exactly what you need and what you can afford; your cabinets will be
customized so that they meet your preferences and your lifestyle
 You can be practical
 You can be unique and select the materials, colors and accessories you prefer
 You can enjoy durable cabinets that are built to last
 You do not have to make any compromises as far as size is concerned for your cabinets
will be made to fit the available space perfectly

Breaking Down the Process….
Building custom cabinets is quite simple provided you hire our team of professionals. All you
will have to do is contact our company, choose the materials, style and patterns for your new

cabinets, and decide on the design you love best. We will make the measurements, produce the
items you order, and afterwards have them installed. As you can see, we will do all the hard
work and guide you every step of the way so that you are happy with the choices you make.
After all, it is not every day that you decide to order cabinets that are tailored to meet your
specific requirements and it is best to work with the best contractors in San Diego.

Why Choose Stylish Cabinet?
Although there are various contractors in San Diego that provide refacing and custom cabinets
services, we stand out in the crowd because of:
– our commitment to meet the highest quality standards,
– our great workmanship
– our professional team that comes with creative plans for each new project.
We are aware of the fact that your kitchen cabinets are more than storage space and we have
what it takes to enhance their visual appeal and to beautify your kitchen.